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The Dharma Center of Oklahoma is a lay Buddhist Organization devoted to taking the practice of Buddhism into everyday life.

Daily life is our dojo, bow in each morning before practice.

Monday Night Dharma Circle

Monday Night Hoza/Dharma Circle is an opportunity to apply Buddhism to your daily encounters with a dedicated practice group.

Wednesday Night Basic Buddhism Class

September 10th through November 19th.  The Basic Buddhism Class will walk you through the study of Buddhist principles with an in-depth discussion of everything from history to a basic Buddhist practice.

Thursday Night Meditation

Experience the power of chanting, seated and walking meditation with a group of dedicated practitioners

Every Sunday

Join us at 10am for our chant service, 11am for Dharma Circle/Dharma Talk. An opportunity to develop a deeper practice and understanding with others.

Friday Lotus Sutra Study

The second and forth Fridays of the month we offer a class on the Lotus Sutra (see FAQ)

Advanced Training

Opportunities for members to attend advanced level training nationally and in Japan

Semi-Annual Retreats

Join us on one of our Semi-annual weekend meditation retreats at the Osage forest of Peace near Sand Springs

Regular Sunday Potluck

Our next Sunday Potluck Dinner will be July 6th.  Join us immediately after Hoza.

The Fall Basic Buddhism Class will begin on Wednesday, September 10th at 7pm and continue until November 19th.   Join us to learn about Buddhism and how it can improve your life.   The text for the class may be downloaded using the button below.

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