Daily life is our dojo, bow in each morning before practice.

Sunday Practice/Dharma Circle

Join us at 10am for our Chanting/Meditation service, 11am for Dharma Circle/Dharma Talk. An opportunity to develop a deeper practice and understanding with others.

Monday Night Dharma Circle

Monday Night Hoza/Dharma Circle is an opportunity to apply Buddhism to your daily encounters with a dedicated practice group.

Wednesday Night Basic Buddhism Class

The Basic Buddhism Class resumes September 11 with An Introduction to Buddhism.  The Class will walk you through the study of Buddhist principles with an in-depth discussion of everything from history to a basic Buddhist practice.

Thursday Night Meditation

Experience the power of chanting, silent  and walking meditation as a group of practitioners

Lotus Sutra Study

Join us for our in-depth study of the Lotus Sutra, Saturday Mornings at 10am

Friday Night Book Club

Join with others for an in-depth book study. We are currently reading Buddha’s Brain, the Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom

Children's Class

Join us on the first Sunday of each month. See Schedule for details

Regular Sunday Potluck

Sunday Potluck Dinners are held regularly and shown on our calendar (button this page). Typically the first Sunday of each month.

“Every moment of life is a parting with the moment just past. Moment by moment, the present becomes the past even as, moment by moment, it moves into the future. In Buddhism we call this change a repetitive cycle of birth and death. Every moment is change. Whether the change is for good or bad depends on the encounters that each of us has with karma. An encounter is a situation that brings about some change in us, in accordance with our karma and the karma of each moment, which in Japanese is called en. When our encounter with en goes well, change will be for the good. When the encounter goes badly, change will be for the worse. Change is regulated by the strict law of dependent origination, which defines the interdependent relationships among phenomena in our daily lives. We tend to think of it, however, as something capricious and unpredictable, to be feared more often than welcomed.”  Nikkyo Niwano

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