Winter chanting is an intense version of one of the core practices of Rissho Kosei-kai, Sutra Recitation.  In Japan members meet at the Dharma Center each day at 6am to chant from the full Threefold Lotus Sutra.  Over the course of a month they will chant the entire Sutra, from cover to cover, completing the training by the Lunar New Year, which falls on january 31 this year.

In Oklahoma we are continuing this form of the practice by meeting each day at 6pm for a week to chant full Chapters of the Gene Reeves version of the lotus Sutra, chanting a total of 11 chapters.

We begin on Monday, Jan 27 with the following schedule:

27 Jan – The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings, Chapters 1, 2,  3

28 Jan – The Lotus Sutra, Chapter 2

29 Jan – The Lotus Sutra, Chapters 10, 11

30 Jan – The Lotus Sutra, Chapters 12, 16, 20

31 Jan – The Lotus Sutra, Chapters 21, 25

This training provides participants with an opportunity to deepen their practice with a level of concentration that is rarely demanded during our normal chanting.  Join us and experience a connection with the Sutra and level of concentration that is not often experienced during regular sutra recitation.