We are well into our Spring Basic Class and I have been remiss in not getting the full schedule up here in one place (although it is on the calendar). Here is the schedule as planned for the next several months. This time around the teaching duties are going to be spread out among a number of people. Rev Kris Ladusau, Dharma Teachers Dave Rose and Kathy Spengler, and Roger Williams and Andrew Bentley. This will help provide some new perspectives on the class and give more people the experience of expressing what the different principles mean to them:

Jan 28 – Introduction to Buddhism – Dave Rose
Feb 4 – The Three Treasures – Kris Ladusau
Feb 11 – The Seal of the Three Laws – Dave Rose
Feb 18 – The Four Noble Truths – Andrew Bentley
Feb 25 – The Eightfold Path – Roger Williams
Mar 4 – The Six Perfections– Roger Williams
Mar 11 – The Ten Suchnesses – Three Thousand Realms in a Single Thought – Andrew Bentley
Mar 18 – Causation and the Law of Twelve Causes – Kathy Spengler
Mar 25 – Karma, Transmigration and Rebirth – Kathy Spengler
Apr 1 – Basic Practice of Rissho Kosei-kai – Dave Rose
Apr 8 – Makeup day
Apr 15 – Lotus Sutra Study (will run through September when the next Basic Class sill start)

For Each Class, we will cover the following three questions:

1. What are the key principles of this teaching (i.e. what is important)?
2. How can I apply this in daily life?
3. What are some personal examples of this principle?

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.