The Reading from Sunday, August 23

From Invisible Eyelashes: Seeing What is Closest to Us
By Nikkyo Niwano

The Japanese word for training hall, dojo, brings to mind a place where people practice judo or kendo… Actually, the original meaning of dojo is the place where the Buddha attained enlightenment… But the Lotus Sutra…teaches that wherever we are is the training hall where the Buddha attained enlightenment, where he preached his first sermon, and where he entered nirvana.

In other words, it is in our everyday lives, as we diligently go about our work, that we should awaken to our true selves, focus our efforts on being considerate of those around us, and build a world filled with tranquility. Each day, each bit of work, each encounter with someone—these are important. Despite this, do we not spend our days becoming angry, being avaricious, quarreling, and talking about our values without putting them into practice?

The reason we live like this is that each of us often seeks happiness for just ourselves. We think simplistically and compete with those around us, believing that unless we defeat them we will be unable to achieve our own happiness.

We often seem to be waiting for leaders to appear and teach us how to create a better world. But one who is a respected leader is not necessarily one who is trying to teach something. People follow someone who earnestly seeks the right path and devotedly follows it. Each of us must become the kid of person who shows others the way, and it is a world of such people that we must create.