The Zen Master asked a monk where he had come from. The monk replied, “The Monastery of Spiritual Light. ” The Master then said, “In the daytime we have sunlight; in the evening, we have candlelight. What is spiritual light? ” The monk couldn’t answer. The Master said, “Sunlight. Candlelight. “

Humankind has always made things more complicated than they are. The Master simply reminded the monk that the answers he sought were not difficult. This is a simple lesson that is equally profound more than 1,000 years later.

Throughout life, our most remarkable discoveries are often right under our nose. The practice of seeing sunlight or candlelight as spiritual light is similar to seeing magnificence in the ordinary, seeing beauty in every day, every moment, everything.

When we live our lives this way, we create our enlightenment rather than searching for it. The people in your life right now, be they family or friends, are giving you the most precious gift they have to give, their time.

Perhaps today you will look at one of them and see them as if it were the first time. Silently appreciating that person for giving you the gift of sharing their life. Knowing it is a reflection of the gift you give them.

Truly seeing is a gift we can give ourselves at any moment we are awake.
Today is a great day to be awake.

author unknown