Basic Buddhism Class Schedule Fall 2015

Sep 9 – Introduction to Buddhism

Sep 16 – The Three Treasures

Sep 23 – The Seal of the Three Laws

Sep 30 – The Four Noble Truths

Oct 7 – The Eightfold Path

Oct 14 – The Six Perfections

Oct 21 – The Ten Suchnesses – Three Thousand Realms in a Single Thought

Oct 28 – Causation and the Law of Twelve Causes

Nov 4 – Karma, Transmigration and Rebirth

Nov 11 – Basic Practices of Rissho Kosei-kai

Nov 18 – Makeup Day

All classes start at 7pm and will run approximately one hour. In each class we will cover the basics of the teaching as well as how to apply it in our daily life. There is no fee for the class. It is conducted strictly on a donation basis.