Rev. Kosho Niwano says in her book that we can attain a state of mind in which we see every encounter as a “cause” of happiness. This is also what is meant by the Lotus Sutra having the ability to liberate every person, 100%.

The approach taken by the Lotus Sutra, is that everyone exists in order to achieve deep abiding joy (not 6 realm transitory happiness). When we see the conditions we encounter as always leading us along the Path to achieve this deeper joy, we have taken the first step to liberation from suffering.

Every human life contains “necessary losses”. Everyone experiences losses – a loved one, a job, a relationship … How we perceive these situations relates to how enlightened our processes are. It does not take away these events, but our perspective can take away any suffering associated with it. .

This is a practice, just like any other. The more we do it, the better we get at it. At first, it may be very difficult, but as we mature on the Buddhist Path, we begin to see how the universe truly works and through compassionate Dharma guidance, we slowly begin to view the world through the eyes of the Buddha. We continue to experience our world through encounters or situations. As our level of understanding continually grows through these opportunities, we begin to trust that everything is working for our highest benefit.

Our world will be transformed when we are able to see everything that we come across, as cause for our deeper understanding and growth.

This is the practical explanation of the Teaching, “When I change, others change,” otherwise stated, “When I transform my way of thinking – my whole world changes.”

Rev. Nichiko Niwano says, “It is with true liberation that we finally become aware of the deep joy and blessings already given to us.”

Rev. Kris Ladusau