From Invisible Eyelashes by Nikkyo Niwano, Pp89-90

I believe that life is practice and discipline from beginning to end. By practice and discipline I mean doing everything wholeheartedly—both physically and mentally—and repeatedly.
First, let us look at the matter of repetition. By repetition I do not mean simply doing the same thing again and again. What I mean bears similarity to the thread of a screw. When I look at a screw from the end, the thread appears as concentric circles, but seen from the side it spirals upward. As a result, as you turn the screw with a screwdriver, it bores its way in.
It is said that the way to master haiku is to compose a hundred a day. In baseball, they say that the only way for a reserve player to become a regular player is by the continued practice of swinging a bat a thousand times a day. Repetition deepens experience and wisdom, and is the fundamental way to build character.