What is freedom? Freedom is a gift available to all of us. We often think of it as freedom “from limitation, obligation or negative conditions . However, freedom comes from within and we must “own” it for ourselves

We claim it by choosing to be true to the highest and best that we know, and entrusting Eternal Buddha with the next step. In the Bible, Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

Even when we feel like we are in a prison cell, freedom is just one thought away. We are always free to change a negative perception and recreate a different reality.

We lose our freedom by giving it away to other people, jobs, situations or conditions outside ourselves. We lose it by living in the past or the future or by trying to control situations and other people.

We become bound when we trespass into another’s space. This is sometimes called “fixing” or “rescuing.” We are bound by guilt when we impose our unresolved anger and willfulness on others.

It is important) to learn the path that brings freedom. This path helps us to be focused on our own growth and have healthy relationships with others. It means being personally accountable, and giving up blame.

It takes constant work and awareness. Freedom is daring to believe that dreams are real, life is good, and every moment is a new beginning.


It is your choice – be joyful in the world.