Beginning Wednesday, 6 April and lasting to the end of summer will be the Dharma Center’s Extensive study of the Lotus Sutra. If you would like to join us in exploration of this remarkable Buddhist text show up tomorrow night at 7pm. You can view the document below to find instructions for the study, what texts we will be using and where to find most of them as free pdf files. The goal of this class is not to deliver a detailed lecture on the Lotus Sutra, but to show you how to read, understand and study this document on your own. See you tomorrow night.

Lotus Sutra Group Study


  • Gain a General understanding of the Lotus Sutra through personal exploration and discussion with others
  • Learn how to read, understand and study the Lotus Sutra
  • Understand the key concepts of The Lotus Sutra
  • Understand the importance of the Lotus sutra to RK practice

Course Materials:

  • The Lotus Sutra (TLS)– Gene Reeves
  • Stories of the Lotus Sutra (Stories) – Gene Reeves
  • Guide to the Threefold Lotus sutra (Guide) – Nikkyo Niwano
  • Buddhism for Today (BFT) – Nikkyo Niwano
  • Dharma World Commentaries (DW Comm) – Nikkyo Niwano
  • Sutra of Innumerable Meanings (SIM) – within TLS


  • Kris Ladusau, Reverend
  • Ira Bryant, Dharma Teacher
  • Kim Miller-Moffeit, Dharma Teacher
  • Dave Rose, Dharma Teacher
  • Kathy Spengler, Dharma Teacher
  • Randy Shumate, Associate Dharma Teacher
  • Roger Williams, Associate Dharma teacher


  1. This is a group study of the Sutra, not a lecture driven course
  2. Facilitators are there to guide discussions, manage overall class direction and fill in additional information when needed
  3. Facilitators should solicit volunteers each week to give their own summaries of the chapters covered
  4. In all cases read the Chapters in the TLS before the class
  5. Time permitting read the Guide, then Stories, then BFT, in that order
  6. When Reading BFT, don’t worry about the detailed discussions of basic Buddhism and focus on the discussions of the Sutra itself
  7. BFT and Guide Chapters align with the TLS Chapters and should be read at the appropriate time for classes
  8. BFT and the Guide can be downloaded by using the ‘Publications’ button at the bottom of the RKOK website homepage
  9. The chapters in Stories often do not align with the TLS and are thus listed below at the appropriate time. Some chapters in TLS are not covered in Stories


Course Schedule:
Date Class Read Facilitator
6 Introduction TLS Pp vii-18

Stories – Forward & Introduction

Guide – Preface

BFT – preface and Introduction


This class is combination lecture/discussion

13 Structure and Key Concepts of the lotus Sutra Stories – Chapters 1, 2 Kris


20 Sutra of Innumerable Meanings SIM Chapters 1, 2, 3

Guide – Part One

BFT Pp3-23

27 Chapter 1 Stories Chapter 3, 4 Kathy
May     ———-
4 Chapter 2 Stories Chapter 5 Roger
11 Chapter 3 Stories Chapter 6 Ira
18 Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Stories Chapter 7

Stories Chapter 8

25 Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Stories Chapter 9

Stories Chapter 10

June     ———
1 Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Stories Chapter 11

Stories Chapter 12

8 Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Stories Chapter 13

Stories Chapter 14

15 Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Stories Chapter 15, 16

Stories Chapter 17

22 Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Stories Chapter 18

Stories Chapter 19

29 Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Stories Chapter 20


July     ———
6  Chapter 18

Chapter 19

13 Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Stories Chapter 21

Stories Chapter 22

20 Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Stories Chapter 23

Stories Chapter24

27 Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Stories Chapter 25

Stories Chapter 26

August     ———-
3 Chapter 26

Chapter 27


Stories Chapter 27

10 Chapter 28 Stories Chapter 28  
17 The Sutra of Contemplation of the Dharma Practice of Universal Sage Bodhisattva   Kim
24 Women in the Lotus Sutra   Kris


31 Makeup/Course Critique   Rev Kris/Dave
7 Makeup