Core Teachings

We offer an introductory program that covers the following topics over a ten week period:

  A Brief History of Buddhism

Introduction to the Dharma

The Three Treasures

The Seal of the Three Laws

The Four Noble Truths

The Eight Fold Path

The Six Perfections

The Ten Suchnesses

The Twelve Causes

Basic Practice of Faith

       This classes normally meet once a week on Wednesdays at 7PM  (You may repeat any or all classes as often as you like.) Please call for information as this is an ongoing introductory program.


                  Training in ceremony includes: learning altar preparation, playing the bell, the wooden block, the drum, and leading the chant. This is available to all members. If you are interested, please let us know.

Lotus Sutra Study

     The advanced training that we offer is an in-depth study of the Lotus Sutra. The course is 14 weeks long and meets once a month on Friday at 7PM (see schedule for dates).  This course may be repeated as often as you like.   Please call for information as this is an ongoing class.



 Schedule of Events

 Lotus Sutra




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